About Us

At times everyone's life can be a little hard....after all we are all human, but its the important things in life we have to focus on like family, friendships, romance, love, wellness, and health!

Ever feel like your focus is away from where you want it? Are you working, cooking, shopping or running errands etc? Between our daily life we barely get any time to spend on what matters most. My partners and I feel the same way everyday, that is why we wanted to be the ones to help make lives easier. We want to help put your focus on family and your loved ones because we finally figured out how to - by using tools that create more free time and make life smooth.


What is Smooth Lyfe?

Our company was started in Missouri, US and has now expanded in different locations. We started this company with the idea of "life hacks" or making everything in life easier and smarter. We know how busy everyone schedules can be and with the latest pandemic life can get tricky and hard. Simple things like cooking or shopping can become a burden and get complicated and that is why we started this company! We want to be part of the change. We want to make everyone's life easier and a little more enjoyable. All of our tools are hacks for an enjoyable life style and will be the solution to many problems! Still trying hard? Make life easier, choose Smooth Lyfe.


Check out our marketing programs.

We want to help everyone get involved in these hard times head over to our marketing section to find out more info! We want to be apart of the lending hand to everyone one person at a time. Email us for more information or if you have any ideas on how we can help in these times of need. We want to help not just at home in the kitchen but in all other aspects of life as well.




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