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Want a chance to be a Instagram influencer and get paid for it?

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Here at Smooth Lyfe we want to help everyone have a easier life and get the essential tools they need in order to do so. We also would like to give a chance to people to help others. Our marketing program simply offers a chance at being part of a helping hand. We need you! Get paid by simply posting about our store on social media and helping other find out about our great products. Your friends will not be disappointed that you referred them here. Build a large network that will last you a lifetime and will help you out with other aspects in life. You don't have to have a large following or be famous, but simply just genuinely have the desire to help others like we do.

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If you think you are a good candidate and want to sign up for our program simply just send us your experience, your current social media accounts, and a couple paragraphs or a video about why and how you want to help. We will give everyone a equal opportunity and slots are filling up fast so make sure to do this with urgency.

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Thank you for wanting to be part of our team and part of our efforts to help others during these hard and unpredictable times and we are always here to help you!